Sikkr Starr Warrs

from by Flameing Daeth Fearies

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I fuck Han Solo
I'm like #YOLO
Me and Chewbacca had a thing
Like you didn't know
We puffing mad smoke
We blowing mad speed
Spitting game on Wampas and Jawas
And going DEE DEE
Everybody wants to know what's in the house, yes
Everybody wants to know if I'm down, yes
Y'all best stay away from my bitches
This is me, your princess
Who shot first?
Han shot first
And if you've got a question, well, Greedo's in a hearse
You wanna know who's bad?
Who's bad?
It's Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker's dad
It's C3P0, and you know she's a hoe
(oh yeah)
And R2D2 rocking with the beep boop
What's up?
Space Jam in the house

Star Wars, it's never been like Star Wars

I am Darth Vader, space invader
86'd all the haters
I'll straight force choke a bitch instead of calling her later
I'm talking pedicure on my toes, toes
Wait, I ain't got toes no more
The Jedi cut them off and had me screaming no
I killed all the Jedi with this dick right here
And Obi Wan Kenobi better steer his ass clear
The first chance I get, I'm gonna cut a nigga out
It's the dark side, bitch, that's what I'm talking about

Star Wars, it's never been like Star Wars
Now put your hand in the air
Put your hands in the air for Star Wars

Aww yeah, welcome to the Cloud City, bitch
My name is Lando
I'm smoking endo
Got bitches on my right and on my left, though
While you was out you know I had your ship, bro
Took care of it and kinda fucked your bitch, yo
Cuz Vader ain't nothing but a bitch, you see?
They ain't getting not a goddamn cent from me
Boy, Lando ain't never give you shit for free
Man, the Emperor can suck my dick
Shit, I'm a lotta provider
I put my speeder inside her
I got the whole damn city, if I want I'll invite her
Out on the town for a dinner and be the one that pays
These ladies know that Lando got dick for days
Yo Leia, you better call me, ma
You ain't never getting nothing like this from Han
And if you missing out on this, I feel bad for you hon
Cuz this gangter motherfucker just dropped the bomb

Star Wars, it's never been like Star Wars
Now put your hand in the air
Put your hands in the air for Star Wars


from Unabashed, released March 24, 2016
Guest vocals by UENO Rhymez and Jennifer Armstrong



all rights reserved


Flameing Daeth Fearies Little Rock, Arkansas

The Flameing Daeth Fearies are a Cabaret Punk Rock Sensation. Shows are a high-octane low-brow full-on experience: embracing blue comedy and obscure internet humor.

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